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  • Tips for Selling: De-cluttering

    Ok, so let's get down to it! Another tip for selling is DE-CLUTTERING! There is a common saying in the business..."clutter eats equity" and it is so true. You want people to be able to see your home for what it is, not for the things that are in it. People inherently are nosy rosies and they LOVE to look at personal photos, etc. Trust me, I'm one of them! When I take buyers through a home and there are personal pictures, people are always looking at those photos and if they are looking at those photos, they sure as heck aren't looking at your home. Most agents have their clients on a time schedule and the next thing you know they are being swept off to another home for viewing. You are selling your home, not you! Remember, how you "live" is not how you "sell". You are peddling a product and an expensive one at that so you want the buyers to pay attention to your home when they walk through and trying to figure out if they went to college with you or know someone who went to your wedding. By packing up all these things that are "getting in the way" of selling your home, you are making your move actually that much easier by lessening the work load when your home actually sells.

  • Tips for selling

    Many people are coming out from hibernation and choosing to sell their homes which is great! Don't be afraid. There are buyers out there and rates are low. As a seller you need to follow some simple, yet crucial, rules. Each week I will provide MUST BE KNOWN AND FOLLOWED TIPS! This week is...


    I cannot possibly stress enough how critical it is to price your home APPROPRIATELY. I put that word in all caps because (believe it or not) some homeowners still believe their home is worth more than the comparable sales show. No one is going to beat the market. No one. I just had an appointment the other day with some nice folks who were "disappointed" in my suggested list price. Even though when we met, they said "we want you to give it to us straight". Which I did. But sometimes when sellers are faced with the facts, they don't want to believe them. I don't set the market. Buyers do. I never sugar-coat the numbers and information as it doesn't do anybody any good. Buyers these days are fairly savvy and have most likely been looking for a while and have seen just about all the inventory out there that meets their needs. So when sellers first put their home on the market, this is the most valuable time EVER. If you are over-priced, they will know it and all you are doing is helping your neighbor get their home sold. My suggestion is this...look at truly comparable homes in your specific neighborhood that have closed in the last 90 days. Take what those homes sold for and price just below those figures. Create value. Buyers need to perceive your home as a VALUE. Otherwise, they will not buy. Plain and simple.

  • Interest rate roller coaster....

    Interest rates…everyone talks about them so let’s do just that. They have been historically low for some time now. They went up, then they went down (to the lowest ever in recorded history) and now they are back on the rise. In fact, they have gone up about a half point in the last six weeks alone. So what does this mean to you? Well, let’s break it down.

    Say you want to buy a $250,000 house, have excellent credit and plan to put down 20%. Calculating just principal and interest at a rate of 4.75%, that puts your payment at $1043. If the interest rate goes up to 5.25%, that will increase your monthly payment to $1104. So buying now instead of waiting will not only save you about $61/mth, it will also be $22,000 less in interest you will pay to the bank over the 30 year life of the loan!!!

    If you really want to save even more money (who doesn't these days...) pay your mortgage every two weeks instead of once a month. That will equate to you paying one extra mortgage payment a year and save you thousands of interest as well over the life of the loan. If you get paid every two weeks (as many people do), this should be a feasible option in terms of budgeting.


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